Trouble Shooting General Guide2019-11-06T10:42:32+11:00
Filter Maintenance2019-11-05T15:49:54+11:00
Return Air Filters are required to be maintained on a regular basis, please schedule regular filter maintenance every month as dirt and dust caught in the filter causes a drop in airflow and performance.  If they do need to be cleaned, turn off the system prior to removing filters and please do not operate your system without filters.
NOTE:  If your filters have not been cleaned for a long period time, please place an old drop sheet under the area to avoid dirt and dust dropping onto your floor or furniture.
  • Filter Media (Fabric) type filters; Remove the filter from your system, hose the filters down gently on a clean flat surface and allow to dry in a shady area before replacing (DO NOT USE HOT WATER or DETERGENTS).
  • Plastic type filters; Remove the filter from your system, these filters can either be washed gently under cold water (No hot water or detergents) or vacuum clean with a vacuum cleaner on a gentle suction cycle. Please allow filter/s to dry before replacing back into the system.
  • Disposable Cartridge type filters; these filters must be replaced with new filters.  Please contact your local Air Conditioning Specialist.
Air Conditioning System Reset2019-11-05T15:50:21+11:00
Your air conditioning system can be reset at the Circuit Breaker located in your Electricity Meter Box as follows:
  • Make a note or take a photo of the fault code on your controller if applicable before reseting your system.
  • Ensure your air conditioning system has been turned off using either the Remote Controller or Wall Controller.
  • Go to your Electricity Meter Box and only turn off the Circuit Breaker clearly labelled for your air conditioner (Example: A/C, Air Con, Ducted, Wall Split etc…)
  • Leave the Circuit Beaker off for approx. 3 minutes and then turn the Circuit Breaker back on.
  • Allow Unit to self-commission for approx. 2 to 3 mins for the reset process to complete.
  • Turn the air conditioning unit on using either the Remote Controller or Wall Controller.
  • There will be a delay start of approx. up to 5mins when you power up your air conditioner before your system starts operating again.
  • Monitor system operation for any faults, if all ok no Service Booking is required.
  • If unit faults again, please arrange a Service Booking and advise the operator of any fault codes noted on your controller or abnormal operation.
  • Please do not operate your system if there is a fault.
Air Conditioning Operating Mode2019-11-05T15:50:41+11:00
  • Please check that your air conditioning controller is set on the correct operating Mode eg; Cool / Heat / Auto / Dry (please refer to your Operation Manual).
  • Please also check you Fan Speed settings and set as required.If you have the option available on your controller for “Continues Fan Speed” please turn this off when operating you system on Heating, this will eliminate a cold draft.  This option should only be selected when the system is operating in Cooling Mode.
  • To assist your system to operate efficiently please close off areas that are not air conditioned, close windows, blinds and curtains. This will assist the system to perform its job a little easier.
  • Please do not operate you system below 20oC as this can cause condensation especially on high humidity days. Recommended operating temperature is between 22oC and 24oC.
  • DO NOT obstruct the outdoor unit with plants, coverings etc…. as this can restrict the airflow around the unit.
  • At least once a year organise a full system preventative maintenance service to ensure everything is ok.
  • Please refer to the manufacturer’s operation manual on maintaining your system.

Commercial Service / Maintenance

For all types of commercial air conditioners, Majestic has experienced fully qualified technicians that provide superior support and technical knowledge.


Residential Air Conditioning

Regassing and general maintenance is essential for the smooth running of your air conditioners during peak summer and winter months. Talk to Majestic about our annual maintenance plans that will give you peace of mind.